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SRC Easter Egg Raffle

We have 20 prizes for our Easter Egg raffle (so far...)
Remember to return your raffle tickets to school tomorrow.
Thank you.

FoSH Update 5

Dear Therese,

Hello again parents, 

It would seem that many of you may have missedthis earlier message in relation to Thursday's Festival.

I hope that this arrives and is useful for you.

Orginal meesage as follows:

I don’t want to overload you all with FOSH info but as things come to hand regards help required, this is the easiest way for me to convey to everyone.

I have a small team of men arranged to put the hessian up at the Showgrounds on Sunday morning. This job should be complete by 10.30. Following that, and once the dust has settled, we will need another team of helpers to sweep the floor then put out tables, chairs, move the stage, etc. I suggest this to be at 1pm and if we get a decent number of helpers it shouldn’t take much longer than an hour. 

Our next efforts will be around getting platters ready for antipasto plates. To facilitate this we are asking that families donate $10 to this cause. Last event we asked for foodstuffs for the platters, this was tremendously supported but we found we had too much of some things and still had to buy some things. This way one person can be in charge of purchasing products so we don’t double/triple up on items. 

Helpers will be needed on the Thursday from 11am to cut and prepare the antipasto, this will take place at the showground. These platters are for purchase on the night as well as also for the performers.

Money for this project needs to be in by next Tuesday 9th and can be paid to the school via the BPay or direct payments systems we have available. Please add you name and FOSH donation on the deposit so we can allocate it properly.

We will need people to run the door for ticket sales, raffles, antipasto sales, sell tickets to the alcohol as well as general jobs I haven’t thought of. I’d love to get a roster going for those who are available so we don’t have too many people for one time then no one for any other time. Please get a message to me or the office regards your availability and also indicate if you have an RSA as some of these jobs require that accreditation.

The last job will be clean up. As it is a Friday we have been granted extra time to clean up and been given the Saturday as well. I have already had interest from families in starting on the Friday and then if required, the last of it on Saturday morning.

If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading,



Festival of Small Halls Update 4

Hello again everyone,

Firstly a big thanks to Darren Nealon, Daniel Fanning and Lachlan Gibson for getting the hessian up for our false ceiling at the hall and moving the stage on Sunday morning. This was followed by Damien Briggs, Katie and Charlie Ryan, Miss Clancy and Xanthe Johnson in the afternoon to sweep out the hall then dust and wash the over 130 chairs and put them out ready for the night.

Please also touch base with the school if your name is not on the roster and you are available to help out, even if it’s only an hour, it would be appreciated. There’s platters to get ready with Jaclyn at 11am at the Showgrounds and then for the show we need 5 people to run the door, raffle and food selling each shift, so everybody needs to pitch in.

Lastly, please get in touch with a few of your family and friends and get them along. If this is to be our big fundraising effort for the year we need every ones help to make a crowd and the event a success. Ticket sales are not flattering at this juncture and this last 48 hours will make or break all our hard work. We require 150 paying public to cover costs and we are far from that. The end result will be the increase in funding we can donate to the school for YOUR children so make the effort for them.

As always, any questions let me know.



FoSH - get your tickets for Thursday

Remember purchase tickets for our Festival of Small Halls event on Thursday beginning at 6:30pm and ensure a great night of fabulous music!

Festival of Small Halls

Please note that the roster for FoSH is coming home today, please let us know at school if there are errors or omissions. See you there!

Interim Report conferences

Please find attached the link to make interview bookings. Thank you

School Cross Country

Weather permitting, our school cross country will be held next Thursday (April 4th) at the Grenfell Country Club - you are most welcome to attend.

Please let us know if you can help out by acting as a marshal on the course.

We will travel to the golf club at 9:30am and races will begin shortly after.

Children should come to school as normal and wear their usual sports uniform.

All children will need to:

  • Wear their school hat
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Wear running shoes

This year, the Western Region Cross Country Carnival will be held in Murrumburrah on Friday May 3rd (Friday of the first week of term 2).

Interim Reports

Staff have been working on the Interim Reports, these were sent home yesterday. These reports are designed to give you some feedback on how the year has begun. There is an opportunity for both parents and teachers to request an interview for further follow up. You can book an appointment time by logging on to

Last minute uniform orders

Mrs Baker will be making a FINAL uniform order for the term on Monday (April 1st). If you would like to purchase any winter uniform items please return your order form by Monday.

Excess Furniture!

We currently have an excess of older style desks that are no longer needed here at school. These may be useful as art tables or a homework space. If you would like to view the excess tables, please contact Therese Clancy.