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As we come to the close of a very busy term, I trust that you enjoy the Easter break with your loved ones and that the children enjoy the school holiday period as a time to rest and recharge in preparation for our next term of learning.

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Welcome to the latest edition of our School Newsletter!

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Thank you to everyone who has been in to check out our Book Fair this week - the fair will be open for visits until after school tomorrow.

We trust that you enjoy reading about our week, and the activities that are coming up in the next few weeks of term.


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Please find attached our school newsletter for this week.


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Please find attached our school news for this week.


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Thank you to everyone who was able to join us yesterday for Mass to celebrate the opening of our school year and the induction of our school leaders for 2021.

It is wonderful to be ableto come together as a community to celebrate these events.

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This week's newsletter is now available.


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We hope you enjoy reading about some of the things that are happening at school over the next few weeks.