Tuckshop is held each Wednesday and is run by the Parents and Friends Association.

Tuckshop is an important fundraising aspect for the P&F and is appreciated by all students and staff.



   TUCK SHOP Pricelist

Sandwiches & Rolls            Hot Food    

Meat Salad Sandwich

(Chicken, Ham or Corned Beef)

 $4.00     Pie


Meat Salad Wrap

(Chicken, Ham or Corned Beef)

  $4.00     Hot Dog      $3.00


Ham, Chicken, Corned Beef, tomato,

Cheese. Vegemite, Honey, Jam or Egg

  $2.50            Sausage Roll      $3.00
Salad Box   $4.00     Party pies      $1.00

Meat Salad Box

(Ham, Chicken or Corned Beef)


Pizza Slab

Ham & Pineapple

        Small Corn Cob    50c ea
        Chicken Nuggets x 6      $3.00
Brevilles       Rolls  
Cheese   $2.50     Chicken Burger      $4.00
Meat   $2.50     Cheese Burger      $4.00    
Meat & Cheese    $3.00     Hamburger      $4.00  
Meat & Tomato   $3.00        
Chicken, Cheese & Pineapple Toasted Wrap   $4.00        
Meat, Cheese & Tomato Toasted Wrap   $4.00        



Snacks Sold at

Lunch time



Chocolate or Strawberry

  $2.00     Frozen Yoghurt      $2.20


Orange, Tropical or Apple 

  $1.50     Zooper Dooper    50c ea
Water   $2.00     Juice Cup      $1.00  


Honey Soy or Plain