All families wishing to enroll their children at St Joseph's Primary School are asked to contact the school for an enrolment package or access an enrolment form at Catholic Education. 

If you wish to discuss enrolling your children at St Joseph's Primary School, the Principal is available by appointment for interviews and school tours.

Contact Details

Principal Miss Therese Clancy

Secretary Mrs Judy McInnes

Phone 02-63431514

 St Joseph's Primary School follows the guidelines for enrolment endorsed by Catholic Education. These are outlined in the CEO Enrolment Policy.

Information regarding Early Age Entry for Kindergarten and Enrolling Students with a Disability can also be found at Catholic Education.

Schedule of Fees

Families who attend St Joseph's School are asked to make a financial contribution towards the education of their children, provision of teaching and learning resources and the general operational coats of the school. The fees consist of a tuition fee that is set by Catholic Education and is renumerated to them to pay wages. Other fees are collected and used at the school for resources and operating costs. In 2018 fees are:


Term Fees   
Tuition Fee  $293 per family per term
I.T. Fee $69 per family per term
Utility Fee  $113 per family per term
Building Levy $100 per family per term

Yr. 4-6 Personal   

Ipad Levy

Yr 5 - $55 per child per term

Yr 6 - $65 per child per term

Annual Fees  
Resource Fee $108 per child per year

Number of


  Annual Fee   

   Per Term   

   Per Week over   

   40 term weeks

Per Week over  

52 Weeks

+ Yr 4-6 Personal

Ipad Levy

1 $2408.00 $602.00 $60.20 $46.32

 Yr 5 - $55 per child per term  

Yr 6 - $65 per child per term  

2 $2516.00 $629.00 $62.90 $48.40
3 $2624.00 $656.00 $65.60 $50.50


NB Family Fees are the same regardless of the number of children in a family.

Annual fees are debited in Term 1.

Every family who wishes for their children to have a Catholic education are welcome at St Joseph's Primary School. Inability to pay fees should not be a deterent. Payment options are available to assist families to meet financial obligations.

Enrolment at Hennessy Catholic College - Young

Families who have children at St Joseph's Primary School Grenfell and Hennessy Catholic College Young are entitled to an automatic fee remission.

Please speak to the Principal at either school for further information.