Pastoral Care

 St. Joseph's is a Catholic School - it has a special vision of education. The education is offered within the framework of a message called the Good News or Gospel. As such the education provided is based on ideals which include:-

The school attempts to foster a response from all its members to the person who is at the centre of the Good News - Jesus Christ.

Staff of St. Joseph's are committed to truly Christian ideals. Education is seen in a wider perspective in which the Christian development of each child is PARAMOUNT. A close relationship between staff, students and parents is an essential part of this process providing a truly caring atmosphere. It is a shared ministry.

St. Joseph's is a small school serving a small rural community. Thus the children benefit from a caring family atmosphere in which all can be given individual attention. Class sizes are sufficiently small to allow the progress of all students to be carefully monitored and the appropriate help given where necessary. Children with learning difficulties will be carefully assessed and appropriate programs will be implemented.

St. Joseph's School is part of the wider Catholic community of St. Joseph's Parish. The Parish, through other organisations and the Parish Pastoral Council is fully supportive of the school and all work together to ensure school aims are achieved.